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Help! Save the Slaves
Save the Slaves                                     

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These people (slaves) should get the respect and consideration in death that they did not receive in their life, and be left to rest in peace where they are. How could they disregard this? These slaves even took the time to make headstones, as best they could, to mark where their families and friends were laid to rest. A part of this states history is going to be lost forever if we do not get the donations we need to preserve this historical Cemetery.

That would be a disgrace to our heritage and our nation!

This cemetery was to be added to our National Register of Historic Places, and should fall under protection from someone that cares about preserving our history.
Please Help! Our voices have not been heard, they have fallen on deaf ears.
We are hoping the 'slaves voices' can ring loudly, but we need your help, and we need it now.

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